J.L. Forehand
Revive Your Home With Vinyl Siding
For a home improvement project to be considered as a success, everything has to be installed correctly and you must be satisfied with the end product.
We select the appropriate products based on your needs.
We plan our installations to fit your schedule.
Every job is completely finished before we start the next.
Installers are trained and experienced craftsmen.
Your home is the single greatest investment you'll ever make, so why not protect it with premium vinyl siding that will never rot, never needs painting and is engineered to last a lifetime. A major benefit you get from covering your home with vinyl is it brings a larger return on investment than any other home improvement you can do.
We use a full 1/2" insulating underlay for the same price as our competitor’s 1/4” underlay. 
All of our installations  include a 10 point “Above and Beyond” installation package

Installing vinyl siding on the exterior of a home will reduce maintenance and if insulated siding is used, you'll also enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs. But there is another factor you should consider which is who will do the work. There are many siding contractors out there but it takes more than just knowing how to install siding to be considered as a good choice.

First of all, there are right ways and wrong ways to install vinyl. The correct way is per the manufacturers instructions. This ensures your warranties remain intact incase there is an issue with a defective panel. It is for this very reason that at JL Forehand, we follow the manufacturer's instructions for the complete installation process.

If someone installs vinyl siding on my home and it begins to buckle and come loose, who is responsible for making the repairs?

This is actually a very common issue that home owners have to deal with. Unfortunely, if the contractor that did the work didn't provide a workmanship warranty, then you may find yourself paying another company to do the repairs. This is also why choosing a reputable siding company is so important. Here are some things to look for in a contractor:
Plenty of references from local home owners which have received similar services
Should be an active and registered member of the Better Business Bureau
Years of experience signifies level of commitment, dependability and warranty
Contractor should perform work with their own crews not subcontractors
Good customer service and response time
Labor warranty for more than one year

At J.L. Forehand, we meet and exceed all of the qualifications above. So when you hire us to perform your home improvements, you'll be receiving the highest level of quality.

We use Mastic, Alside and Norandex Siding
Are you having trouble visualizing what new siding, roofing, or windows would look like on your home from a small swatch, paint chip or product sample?
Get one more bid. You'll be glad you did.